Orlando Landscaping

Deciding on Orlando Landscaping Companies

Are you looking at Orlando landscaping companies and don’t know where to start?  The best thing to do is to know what your needs are.  What is it that you want?  If you have no idea then look through magazines and go to some landscaping websites to get a collection of pictures so that you can start deciding what you want in your yard.  This will also help you when trying to explain to the landscape designer what your vision is.  Remember to keep your mind open to new ideas though, because a designer may look at your yard area and have some better ideas for the space.

Landscaping can perk up your home from a visual point of view.  Placing colorful shrubs along with plants and trees can add interesting elements to your yard.  Landscaping can also add outdoor living space through the use of decks, walkways, patios and pools. This provides enjoyment for you and your family for years to come. Having a maintenance firm for landscape you have added protects your investment.

It is important to have a budget.  There are many good designs that can be fit into the Orlando landscaping companiesbudget you have whether small or large.  If your project is a large extensive one, you can consider talking to your bank or lender.

When looking for  landscape companies, there are many sites who can help you to find one that is a member of a landscape association. Family, friends and neighbors as well as co-workers can be a source of referrals.  While driving in the area, if you see a lawn or property that you like, stop and as the owners of the home who did their landscaping.  Most people will be very flattered and happy to help.  If you see work being done in your neighborhood and you like it, stop and talk to the contractor.  Contractor’s trucks usually have their contact information printed on the side.  Feel free to call the company.

Choosing an Orlando Landscaping Company

Landscaping can be a big investment so choose the company you work with carefully.  All landscaping companies will want your business but before you hire them there are things to be considered. Are they a licensed business? Do they charge taxes?  Be very suspicious if they offer to waive taxes on your project.

Are they insured?  Ask to see the proof.  Legitimate businesses will not mind showing you and this can assure you that their business is a real one. This will also protect you the property owner, because you don’t want to be held responsible for any damages or injuries from an employee who gets hurt on your property.

What are any credentials or affiliations do they have?  This is not a guarantee that they are a great company but can suggest that they take their work seriously as professionals.

Do they look professional?  Do they arrive on time, is their appearance neat?  Do they ask questions and listen to you when you present your ideas?  Are they attentive by taking notes, drawing sketches of your ideas?

What are the services they offer.  Do they offer maintenance after the landscaping is complete? Here is a company that offers full outdoor services:

Learn more at Weeds Gone.com

Landscape companies will have photographs and sketches of the projects they have designed and of the properties they maintain.  Look at these to see whether or not you like the work that they do.

Get estimates.  These should be written and detailed and show exactly what or what is not included.  If the estimate is more than your budget there may be things you can trim out.  If you decide everything is what you want then perhaps the project can be worked on in stages until your vision is produced

Keep in mind that licensed landscapers are professionals.  They use talent, time and knowledge to create designs that are pleasing to the eye but also fully functional.  Their time should be compensated for.  Expect to pay for a design that is best.  Beware of a design that seems low in price.  Compare estimates and select a contractor that has a good track record and experience. Check with any  consumer protection agencies to see if there are any complaints against a contractor.

Ask for a list of references.  Don’t just set it aside.  Actually contact these references and see what they have to say.  Ask them whether the contractor cleaned up.  Were there many delays with the project?  Was the job completed on budget?  How was communication handled? Asking questions of those who have actually worked with these companies can provide the most insight to the way they work.  It’s the best way to weed out those you might have a difficult time with.

Once you have decided which landscaping companies you will work with, get a written contract.  A start and finish date should be included.  It needs to be detailed in every aspect of the job. The deposit amount required as well as the payment schedule should be included.  Any and all warranties offered should be included in writing.

When you have done all the homework needed to decide upon choosing between landscaping companies you will have an experience that is rewarding in the end.  It takes some time and effort but the enjoyment of having the beautiful yard and outside space you have dreamed of can be a reality.  That beautiful outdoor space is just waiting to be enjoyed.  Good Luck in finding the best landscaping company in Orlando Florida.

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